Recycle Bin

Hi welcome to GM Lim Leroy's idiotic Recycle Bin!!!

To read our deleted items, please refer to the Archives.

Lastly, thank you for coming this junk place.

I hope you guys won't mind the smell though... :)

Project IWPR's Progress

Hi guys, I hope no one's wondering why the Project IWPR's progress has slowed to the speed of a snail as I had explained in the Facebook group before.

(In case you're wondering, yes, I deleted this post from the Official Website because this post was so short!)

Hence, I will state the reason again.
The reason being is that school had started which now effectively left me very few time. I would try to work on the map at least once a week but no promises. I hope to release v0..7 ASAP so that you people can enjoy the stable version of the map. :)

Thank you!

P.S: Ever wonder why the posts here stay here after so long? I can't seem to find the "Empty Recycle Bin" button. Oh well. I hope the rotting smell here doesn't turn you guys off. ;)

Projects(LAB) Page Moved

Yep, due to some technical problems, we had to move.

Many thanks to Peon who helped us make this transfer possible.

The new link is:

Covered Truth

The Grandmaster of OZ) had admitted to the public three days ago.

The OZ) was without his leadership for the past 4 months. The Grandmaster is discovered to have left Mortal Realm for other matters four months ago without a public statement, leaving OZ) without leadership in face of the Abyss War.

The Order Faction suffered several military setbacks during this period. The Morale had dipped to dangerous level.

The Grandmaster of OZ) had recently just returned, stirring public anger against him for leaving the Faction without prior notice.

He assured that he left instructions in his absence and justified the setbacks by saying that "We're all war weary, it's just one war and another."

What will become of us now?

Post Dumped?

Since I was busy with studies and no new posts were placed at the Main Blog, you guys must be wondering where did the post go?

The Dustbin?

Well, in case you're wondering, if the posts WERE deleted, it would end up here(yes, I deleted this post from there), so rest assured, nothing was ever removed. ;)

Well, nothing of importance, anyway...

Brand New Look

How's that for a change! ^^

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Element Photo a success

A photo that was made to use for a project called "Element's Way" have made its way gradually to facebook social network in a application called "OWNED!" which is like a marketplace for selling pieces of pictures.

The picture was put online yesterday at that network, priced at L$1, as of posting now, a user called Sare Haywood owns this photo for L$5,332,878.
Update: Yvonne Hudson owns this photo for L$7,466,029

This makes it the fastest picture of all Combineset to reach such a high price.

That have also been hints that this picture is going to be used for the Christmas Event this year.

Picture of the in-demand item:
Click here for full pictureSymbol of Element of Fire
This picture is available to public for personal use only, the creator does not allow this picture to be used for commercial purposes unless stated otherwise.

Animation for Flaming Sword Changed

The sword will now show an extra animation (two lesser elemental orbs swaying around the blade) when an orb is equipped on it.

Change of Name: Betrayal -> Distrust

The God of Betrayal formerly known as Betrayal has been changed to Distrust as of posting this.

The post has been updated of this change.

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